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Life secured.

Bringing security and protection for all of
your life's valuables, tools and gear.

Secure your Investments

Life takes us down many roads, figuratively and literally. We take our vehicles on the literal roads that are shaped and paved by the figurative roads — (our interests, careers and family).

We all invest a lot into the gear that our lives demand. Ensuring that those investments are protected from theft is essential to providing peace of mind security. You will undoubtably find yourself having to leave your vehicle in a parking lot, trailhead, or remote parking area for extended periods of time and when this occurs you will want the peace of mind security a TruckVault secure in-vehicle storage system provides.

"Whether it's my children's baseball practices, Tailgating with friends, or out walking the dog, Life has me all over the place. My TruckVault is with me no matter what."

James Johnson // Middle-aged Overweight dad


Offering a variety of product options for SUVs  ranging from single drawers to custom designed multiple stacked configurations.

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Offering all-weather and carpeted product options for pickups ranging from two-drawer setups to custom designed multiple stacked configurations.

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Offering a selection of product options for sedans including single drawer storage systems in elevated or floor mounted configurations.

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